Space Courage

Space Courage 2.0

Drive a small spacecraft, destroy your enemies and evade obstacles
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Space Courage is an exciting space game where you have to drive a small spacecraft. Your mission is to fight against enemy ships and evade many obstacles. This is a free game full of action and many visual effects that will make you spend good and fun moments in front of your PC.
Before starting the game, you have to select among four different aerodynamic spacecrafts. Once you have selected the spacecraft you like, you have to drive it using the arrow keys. By pressing the left control button, your weapons will start to shoot. Many UFOs and other type of spaceships will be your main enemies. Besides, some floating obstacles similar to big walls have to be evaded if you want to preserve your lives.
One nice feature is that if you get a high score, you will be able to upload it to MyPlaceCity, where it will be displayed together with your name and your country.

This exciting game manages excellent 3D graphics, and although there is only one camera view, the visual effects like explosions and laser bullets are very good. Besides the music and sound effects are good as well.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Nice 3D graphics
  • You can choose 4 different spacecrafts
  • Nice sounds


  • There is only one camera view
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